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Thank you for previously placing an order with us and for taking the time to participate in this exclusive giveaway. We are always grateful for your support and feedback.

First thing’s first, please share a photo of your furry friend using his/her Whisking Woodworks product via email or Facebook messaging.

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Old website, current online store, or Etsy?
Our current products include: Whisking Woodworks Essentials Bundle, Large Semi-Octagonal Hay Feeder, Semi-Octagonal Hay Feeder, Deluxe Hanging Hexagonal Tunnel, Hanging Hexagonal Tunnel, Large Hanging Octagonal Tunnel, Large Octagonal Loft, Hanging Octagonal Tunnel, Octagonal Loft, Hanging Rectangular Tunnel, Rectangular Loft, Hanging Square Tunnel, Square Loft, 7" x 11" Corner Ledge, and 7" x 7" Corner Ledge.
We're hoping it's still in one piece!
We're all chinchilla ears.

Three winners will be randomly selected and contacted via email. Thanks again!

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