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Each piece is crafted with care at our woodshop located in Bellevue, WA.

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Our Team

We are one designer and woodworker, one momma's boy, and one sassy lady, committed to the design and production of fine furniture for furry friends.

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Our Story

As parents of small animals, we understand the frustration of looking for quality cage accessories for our furry friends. Most products on the market not only disregard the needs of our furry friends, but are also poorly constructed, leading us to spend a fortune on replacements.

So, we thought, why not make what we know our chinchillas love and share them with furry friends around the world?

In the fall of 2015, inspired by the wood octagonal tunnel that her very first chinchilla loved, Robyn decided to make a variety of tunnels, ledges, and hay feeders for her chinchillas, Paella and Pastelón. Her furry children approved. The rest is history.


Our Mission

At Whisking Woodworks, your furry friends' physical and emotional well-being is our highest priority. With each decision implemented in design and production, we strive to bring a sense of warmth and security to your furry friends' homes. Friends with homes that are comforting and comfortable are friends that are happy and healthy.

We believe that our furry friends deserve only the best: furnishings that are functional, finely crafted, and responsibly made in the USA.

We also believe in making sawdust and taking dust baths.

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Our Recommendations

Help your furry friends stay in shape with the original Flying Saucer Wheels from Meadowbrook Chinchillas. These wheels are ergonomic, quiet, and durable--we have had one of ours for 10+ years and it is still good as new. We cannot recommend them enough. You can purchase the wheels here.

The other secret to chinchilla health is Meadowbrook Chinchillas' Pro-C Chinchilla Supplement. We love it because it keeps Paella and Pastelón's immune systems strong and consequently, droppings firm. We think they love it for the same reasons. You can learn about the supplement here and place your order here.


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